Certified PRIME for Life® Classes

UtahDUIClass.com is Utah’s largest provider of Prime for Life® classes. Now Serving Utah County!

Our Classes Satisfy Court Requirements Related To:

• DUI • DWI • Careless Driving • Reckless Driving
• OUI/OWI • Public Intoxication • Contributing to a Minor
• Some Drug Charges • Minors in possession of drugs/alcohol
• Any other charge requiring you take the PRIME for Life® Class
• Most out of state requirements for the charges listed above

Why Choose Us?

• The fastest courses possible – as fast as 4 Consecutive Days!
• Flexible class schedules at convenient locations
• Free course workbook
• An official Certificate of Completion received on last day of class

Our unique service is designed to make things as easy as possible for our clients and provide them with accurate, helpful information, including information regarding their legal rights. Compassion and integrity are at the center of our mission.

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Read below for more information about the Prime for Life® program and our flexible class schedule, or feel free to call us any time at (801) 474-9669.

“Why Do I Have to Take PRIME for Life® Classes?” – Click Here

About the Prime for Life® Program

Prime for Life® is an evidence based, risk reduction drug and alcohol education program — it is not substance abuse treatment. Prime for Life® simply presents straight-forward, research based information in a relaxed environment.
Many states, including Utah, require Prime for Life® education following charges related to DUI, DWI, careless & reckless driving, OUI, OWI, public intoxication, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, minors in possession of drugs/alcohol and some drug charges. Prime for Life® education is also used for minors using or in possession of alcohol/drugs (“Not A Drop Law” violation) to retain their driver’s license.

Our fast, sixteen hour courses satisfy all court requirements for drug and alcohol education, and because we know your time is valuable, we offer the class series as fast as legally possible (4 class periods). with flexible schedules at convenient locations.

More About Our Classes and Services
Licensed and Certified

Utah DUI Education at Salt Lake City Location

• We contract with Odyssey House of Utah and New Roads Treatment Centers and are overseen by licensed clinic social workers to meet state licensing requirements
• Our instructors maintain current certification through PRI and have years of experience

About Our Class Structure

Our 16-hour long classes are broken into four distinct sessions, which must be taken in order. But, that doesn’t mean students have to take them all in the same week. Our class structure allows us to provide 5 cycles of classes for every 30-day period. And, as long as students take the classes in order, (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4), they are free to switch between any of the cycles for that 30-day period. The only other requirement is that all 4 classes must be completed within 30 days of the first class. Otherwise the credit and cost of the class will be forfeit. Please see our calendar for more information.

Adults have the choice of attending one class series/month in Utah County. These classes change days each month so please be sure to check our Class Calendar OR any one of five (5) class series in SLC; choosing either four consecutive Saturday mornings 9 am – 1pm beginning the first Saturday of each month or any week of the month beginning on Tuesday ending on Friday 5:30pm – 9:30 pm.  As long as classes are taken in order, you may start/attend classes at any of our locations.


Youth/Under 21 year olds have three class choices every month. The last Tuesday through Friday of every month in SLC or one weekend class series in SLC (only); four consecutive Saturday mornings 9 am – 1pm beginning the first Saturday of each month; Either a Thursday through Friday or a Saturday class series in Utah County. ese classes change days each month so please be sure to check our Class Calendar Youth will have up to THREE full class series (almost 90 days!) if they so choose. Or youth may complete the four days as described above.

Low Prices

After paying steep fines, lawyer fees and other court expenses, we believe that an affordably-priced Prime for Life® course is only fair

• We price our classes as inexpensively as possible
• We charge half as much as many of our competitors

Accessible Locations

We bring the classes to you, with several convenient class locations in Utah

Salt Lake City Location: 344 East 100 South (downtown SLC) Map
Utah County Location: Odyssey House, Utah County 385 South 400 East Springville, UT Map

Focus on Education

We take pride to offer helpful information in a relaxed, educational environment

• All of our instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience in the substance abuse education and/or treatment fields
• Making our classes interesting is part of why we love what we do

Family Members Attend for Free

• We invite family members of those enrolled in PRIME for Life® classes to attend the class series for FREE.
We are the only company that we are aware of that offers this free service to family members!

Easy Enrollment

To sign up for or register for a particular class series you must pay the class fee of $190.00 in full. All classes cost $190.00. No partial payments will be accepted.

• To pay the $190.00 with a credit or debit card you may do so at this website.
• To pay the $190.00 with cash please arrive to the first class 15 minutes early with the cash.

To summarize; CARD on the internet, CASH in person. Don’t worry our classes don’t “fill up”, we will initiate a second class if necessarry.

Other inquires please call Stephen at 801-474-9669